Woodeson Excavations Demolition Services

Woodeson Excavations specialises in residential and commercial demolition, complete and partial l strip outs, as well as certified asbestos removal. We provide a fast, cost effective service and pride ourselves on our high level of safety practices and standards; ensuring that any specific demands are met.

We also provide a service of obtaining demolition permits from the council to ensure your demolition service is a smooth and hassle free experience. Whether you are looking for a complete or partial demolition, depending on if you are just renovating a house or property or starting anew; Woodeson Excavations is the company for the job.

Contact one of our experienced team members for a fast, friendly and hassle free approach to all demolition enquiries.

⚒ Demolition Contracts – Residential and Commercial

⚒ Strip outs

⚒ Asbestos

⚒ Safety is our top priority

⚒ Disposal Services

Asbestos Removal

Before asbestos removal commences, neighbours are notified of the removal procedure. Safety precautions are provided. 

Asbestos is removed with minimal breakage and kept wet to avoid partials in the air.

Our team wears complete Personal Protective Equipment according to OHS.

Licensed asbestos removal contractors are to be used for the safe removal of asbestos for amounts greater than 10m2.

Our asbestos removal services include:

⚒ Industrial & commercial asbestos removal

⚒ Residential asbestos removal

⚒ Contaminated soil removal

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