Excavation Services

Woodeson is a growing core fleet of equipment and machinery, we tailor the approach of delivery according to location, project size and site demands. Excavators are one of the most valuable pieces of equipment on building and demolition sites, with the ability to dig, trim, trench and load out material. These machines are an essential assets to your next project.

Woodeson has line-up of excavators from 3 tonne to 36 tonne, we can cater a machine for a wide range of applications. Our extensive range of optional buckets and attachments include rock breakers, compaction wheels/ plate compactors, hydraulic grabs and Augers. These ensure we can complete the following services for your projects:


At Woodeson we are knowledge that excavation and demolition projects often evolve to produce land remediation and hazardous waste removal. 

Our experienced team have introduced a fully integrated approach to excavation and demolition removal:

We are able to address all challenges that arise throughout the project.

We reduce the risk associated with brining in new contracted companies and familiarise them with your project

We work with you to keep your project within budget and on track

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