Material Handling


Are you needing material for your next project?

Woodeson Excavations specialise in providing our Clients with fast, efficient service for all your material needs. We have a wide variety of products to suit many different construction projects, such as

  • ⚒ Sand
  • ⚒ Gravel
  • ⚒ Roadbase
  • ⚒ Washed Fill Sand
  • ⚒ Fill Dirt
  • ⚒ 10mm Recycled Concrete (Drainage)
  • ⚒ 20mm Recycled Concrete (Scalps and Drainage)
  • ⚒ 30/70mm crushed concrete (Drainage and Access Rubble Crossovers)

Need to dispose of material?

Woodeson’s can help, with a network in South East Queensland we have access to numerous tip site locations and disposal sites.

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