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Woodeson Excavations has a wide range of equipment that are available for wet-hire. Whether you have a small or large project, we have the right machine to help you, Our highly qualified operators can help complete your requirements. Our plant equipment is maintained and serviced on site. We transport all of our plant equipment using our transportation trucks to reduce time. Woodeson Excavations provides the following plant equipment fitted with laser systems and automated 2D control systems. 

Drotts 17t to 19t

Built for toughest of jobsites, these versatile machines are equipped with the latest Laser levelling equipment that is operated from inside the operator’s cab. Fitted with multipurpose bucket and rippers there isn’t much these machines cannot do. From loading trucks to digging basements and cutting grades, these machines are an asset on many sites. For general hire these machines are powerful and fast, able to load out trucks and track roll at speed. When it comes to clearing these machines also shine, able to work on slopes, rough terrain and carry trees. 

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Excavators 3t to 36t

Excavators are one of the most valuable pieces of equipment on building and demolition sites, with the ability to Dig, Trim, Trench and load out material these machines will be an asset on your next project.

With a line up of excavators from 3 tonne to 36 tonne we can cater a machine for a wide range of applications. Our extensive range of optional Buckets and Attachments including Rock Breakers, Compaction Wheels/Plate Compactors, Hydraulic Grabs and Augers. 

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